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This Week in Purple: Watching the Rockies youngsters come through

The Rockies avoided a very bad road trip. What else was kind of good this week?

The Colorado Rockies were at risk to have a disastrous East Coast road trip after the Philadelphia Phillies swept them. Thankfully they were able to win the series against the Pittsburgh Pirates and avoid disaster.

That was good. Honestly, who’s going to complain about a 3-5 road trip? It’s not great, but in the big picture, it might be just fine. I’ll choose to look on the bright side, starting with something I saw in the Rockies’ ugly loss on Thursday afternoon.

What was good

Catching up on the rally where the Rockies scored six runs in an inning, I was treated to the following sequence of video highlights: a David Dahl RBI single, a Raimel Tapia RBI single, and a Brendan Rodgers RBI single.

If you’ve followed this organization’s prospects in recent years, that’s a dream sequence. Then I see a picture of McMahon and Rodgers high-fiving on the Rockies page. That reminded me that McMahon had a big game earlier this week.

It’s really fun to see these guys playing and contributing. As for balancing their playing time with the veterans, I’ll just say that I don’t know all that goes into those decisions for Bud Black. I just know when these guys do start, I’ll enjoy watching them.

What was bad

The injury bug. Wade Davis was placed on the injured list with an oblique injury. I’m sure I’m not the only fan who assumes the worst when baseball players have oblique injuries. They always seem mysterious, and they always seem to keep guys out for a long time.

Tyler Anderson had to have knee surgery. He was never really himself this year, but maybe that helps explain it. Then Charlie Blackmon left Thursday’s game with a calf injury. Here’s hoping that was truly precautionary and Chuck will be back out there this weekend.

What was also bad

That sweep against the Phillies. Whatever. The 2-1 loss stung the most in terms of missed opportunities, but that’s just how baseball is sometimes. It’s just always more annoying when Philadelphia sports fans are experiencing joy.

What was good

Jairo Diaz got called up. What a story. I can’t imagine what he went through, and I’ll be cheering like hell whenever he pitches.

What else was good?

Tony Wolters, man. He is just having a heck of a season. He is great on defense, he is throwing runners out, and he just keeps hitting.

The Rockies had at least two or three obvious holes that needed to not be holes this season. Catcher was one of them, and it was a dicey proposition to roll with the status quo.

Wolters is justifying that decision and then some. He looks good doing it, and he’s a fan favorite. His story continues to be a highlight this season. Hopefully, the Rockies will collectively get on track, so his contributions can help push a playoff team.

What else was good?

And why am I so determined to just talk about good things? Because even with a down season so far, I have settled into the beautiful rhythm of the baseball season. There’s always the next day’s game, and so long as the Rockies at least keep hanging around, I can hope that next game will be the start of a big winning streak.

And Rodgers getting the call really was exciting. As he starts to settle in and hit, I really think he might provide a spark for a team that could use it.

What was good for you this week?