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Surveyed Rockies fans confident in front office ahead of draft

This and other results from this week’s FanPulse survey

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The amateur draft is fast approaching, and while the Rockies will have to wait awhile to make their first pick — they select 23rd overall in the first round — it’s always fun to see the new talent come into the organization. For last week’s FanPulse survey, SB Nation asked whether or not they trust the front office to make a good draft pick.

Surveyed Rockies fans expressed a pretty high level of confidence. So much so that it’s very, very likely to inspire a whole bunch of one word comments:

Rockies fans don’t have to go back very far to get inspired. Three out of Rockies first four picks from 2018 look like excellent picks. Ryan Rolison, the 22nd overall pick, has mowed down hitters at two levels so far. Their competitive balance selection Grant Lavigne has been mashing, and the Rockies third round pick, Terrin Vavra, has been hitting extremely well for Asheville. Only second rounder Mitchell Kilkenny hasn’t done anything. But when it comes to drafting, three out of four is great. And that’s not to mention the lower picks who have a chance to defy odds and emerge as potential big leaguers.

While surveyed fans showed a lot of trust in the draft, one of the consistent weekly questions about fan confidence took a nosedive last week, as overall confidence in the direction of the team fell to its lowest point of the season:

These results are more evidence for my theory that this question is answered based on a mixture of overall confidence into the future and how fans are feeling at the moment they take the survey. The last time I wrote up these results, I noted that far more fans said they were confident in the overall direction of the team than those that said they think the Rockies will make the postseason. That suggested that surveyed fans read the question as relevant beyond just this season. This week, however, the falling fan confidence was based on a survey right after the Phillies swept the Rockies in Philadelphia. That probably had something to do with results, even though there does seem to be confidence in the front office overall, as indicated by the question about the draft.

As always, I’m more and more interested in these results, and they’ll be even more interesting if you join me and sign up for the weekly survey. And if you have a team-specific question you want asked, drop it in the comments.