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Raimel Tapia ‘Con Mucho Swagger’ shirt has...swagger

Wear it with swagger

Raimel Tapia has been tearing it up lately, which is great for a few reasons. One, it helps the Rockies win games. And two, Tapia has the chance to become one of the most fun Rockies players in recent memory. That’s not surprising for the guy whose Twitter profile says he likes to “swing the bat con mucho SWAGGER!”

So, naturally, we partnered up with BreakingT to make a shirt with that amazing phrase. Here’s a look at it:

You can buy the shirt by following this link. If you do follow that link and purchase, Purple Row gets a small commission from the sale. Last year, we used those funds to buy prizes and other goodies for our Opening Day Breakfast in LoDo (which we fully plan on doing again in 2020).

So grab yours and wear it with...I know there’s a word that captures how you should wear it but it’s not coming to mind.