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Celebrate Tony Wolters with ‘Don’t Dash on the Stache’ shirt

Be successful and look good doing it, just like Tony.

Tony Wolters is doing everything well for the Colorado Rockies this season. He has always been a fan favorite, but his 2019 season so far has shown us what it looks like when he puts everything together.

There’s his pitch framing and his improved offense. There’s his ability to throw out would-be base stealers at a 38% rate, well ahead of the league average. Finally, and most importantly, there’s his mustache. Combine those last two things and you’ve got this new shirt from our friends at BreakingT.

You can buy the shirt by following this link. If you do follow that link and purchase, Purple Row gets a small commission from the sale. Last year, we used those funds to buy prizes and other goodies for our Opening Day Breakfast in LoDo (which we fully plan on doing again in 2020).

This shirt very much has a 90’s baseball vibe to it. I mean that as the highest compliment, of course, just like I do when I say the same thing about Tony’s facial hair. Grab your shirt today, and while you’re thinking about him, go vote for Tony Wolters for the All-Star game too.