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Purple Dinosaur Podcast: A Daunting Task

PDP looks at the upcoming west coast road trip and some of the recent moves on the roster.

The PDP is back for another week and with a new hosting service that means you might be listening to us on Spotify or a whole bunch of other places! And if you are, we thank you for doing so. And if you’re not, why are you reading this? That seems like a weird use of your time.

Anywho, on this week’s episode of the show, we discuss the Rockies latest (!) sweep of the D-backs which runs Colorado’s winning streak over Arizona to eight (!!) straight games for the first time in franchise history (!!!). Now the task gets even tougher as the purple strong boys head to Los Angeles to tangle with the front-running Dodgers in what is, on June 21, their first visit to Los Angeles this year somehow.

This week, we break down Trevor Story’s injured thumb and Nolan Arenado’s injured big toe (the captain of the toes) as well as the DFAs of Chris Rusin and Mike Dunn. Plus we take a host of #AskPDPs and break down a certain commercial that has Rockies Twitter all aflutter.

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All that on this week’s episode of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast! It’s got that fence in the middle!