A look back at the 2018 draft

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1. Ryan Rolison- Dominated at Asheville. Has had a couple bumps in the road in Lancaster but overall has been a very good pitcher at this level also. ranked him the 70th overall prospect. Pick A+. Future projection start 2020 in Hartford and finish in Albuquerque.

CB. Grant Lavigne. IMO the CB pick should always be high upside. Lavigne is that. he dominated in GJ and came out strong in Asheville but has struggled since. Playing a bat first position, he needs the bat to be strong but he is a young guy from the North so he has a lot of room for growth. Future projection: He repeats Asheville as he will be passed over at this position by 2019 #1 pick Toglia for the spot as Lancaster's starting 1B. But will probably end 2020 in Lancater.

2. Mitchell Kilkenney. He had TJ after the draft. He has looked good in his short rehab starts in Boise in 2019. This is about getting him on the mound and building up his arm and endurance so the fact that he is pitching well is a plus. Future projection. He will start either in Asheville or Lancaster in 2020 depending on his fast ball command. He probably ends year in Lancaster either way.

3. Terrin Vavra. He has been one of the top hitters in the SAL all year. The issue is is that he has been committed 22 errors though. Future projection; He will start 2020 in Lancaster and tear up the batter friendly league forcing a promotion to Hartford. That is truly where we will find out how good the bat is and whether his future is at SS. its more likely at 2B.

4. Ryan Feltner. Dominated in GJ but in Asheville he has struggled. Not horrible but not good either. Future projection; He will end up in the BP sooner or later which says he has a strong chance of being a MLB reliever. With Kilkenney, Eusebio, and Quezada returning from injuries his relief role could be as soon as 2020.

5. Jacob Bird. He was a money saving senior sign. Has been solid as the long reliever in both GJ and Asheville. So solid in fact that he was a SAL all star. If someone was to go from reliever to starter it would probably be him. Future projection; he will be in the Lancaster BP in 2020 and we will see if he is for real there.

6. Niko Decolati. He was a 3B in college and Rockies are playing him in the OF. He was injured to start the year. He has hit well even though he has some pretty dramatic H/R splits in a SSS.

7. Andrew Quezada. Had TJ surgery last year. He started the first game of the season going 3+ innings and we have not seen him since. Future projection; Starter in Asheville.

8. Nick Bush. Started out year as a reliever and the was promoted to starter when Pint happened. Otherwise his stats are similar to Feltner except he seems to walk less. Future projection; Similar to Feltner in that he probably will be a reliever sooner or later and time will tell.

9. Willie MacIver. He played 1B in College and was converted to C by Colorado. He started the season by destrying the SAL but has reverted to being below average since. His OPS by month April 1.023, May .674, June .550. He also needs work behind the plate as he has 10 PB and only 29% CS. Future projection; A lot depends if Max George picks up the position or not. Furure Projection. If George does he will be the primary C in Lancaster and MacIver will compete with Palma as the Asheville catcher. I feel MacIver needs to repeat.

10. Cade Harris. Another college 3B that was converted to OF. Has been consistently so-so for Asheville. Future projection. He will start 2020 in Lancaster. very unlikely that he ever makes it to MLB but can be a solid Org guy.

Others of note

11. PJ Poulin. He was GJ closer and is Asheville's setup man. he has been pretty decent though he walks a bit too many. Future projection; Probably starts 2020 in Lancaster's pen. someone to keep an eye onas a LH reliever.

12. Kyle Datres. Started the year on Asheville's bench but has hit himself onto the starting lineup. He sits only behind Vavra on the teams OPS leader board. With more playing time he has become even better. OPS by month April .520, May .909, June 1.154. Future projection. Start 2020 in Lancaster as either 2B or 3B.

15 Coco Montes. He dominated in GJ but upon his promotion to Asheville, he has struggled and is starting to lose playing time. Future projection; He sits on 2020 Lancaster's bench.

18. Shelby Lackey. See Feltner and Bush but the fact that this is an 18th round selection is positive.

21. Hunter Stovall. Did well enough that Rockies were able to trade him for James Pazos.

23. Colton Schmidt. Started in extended ST but is dominating Sal as a SP now. I don't have a scouting report on this guy but a 2020 starters role in Lancaster is in his future.

28. John Cresto. Like Datres, he started on the bench but has hit his way to more playing time. with more playing time better results. OPS April .792 May .775, June .987. He has the 3rd best OPS on the team. Future I'm not sure but an infield in Lancaster of 1B Toglia, 2B Datres, SS Vavra, and 3B Cresto with Montes on the bench looks pretty strong at the moment.

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