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MLB Draft 2019: Rockies preview and open thread

The Rockies select twice on Monday night

The Rockies will add more prospects to their ranks tonight (assuming whoever they choose ends up signing). The Rockies have been good the last few years, which is great for every day of the year except for draft day, when good records relegate a team to making their first pick in the 20s. But that really only affects the predictions — its’ hard to say who will be available and what the Rockies will prioritize at the 23rd pick than, for instance, the fourth.

That doesn’t mean there’s a lack of speculation. Renee Dechert compiled mock drafts earlier today, and you can read her synthesis on who some experts think the Rockies will choose. The Rockies will make three selections tonight. We’ll keep you up to date on who they pick, as well as who the players are.

Rounds 1 and 2 take place tonight, as well as the Competitive Balance Rounds. Rounds 3-10 will take place Tuesday, and rounds 11-40 are on Wednesday. Here’s a look at tonight’s schedule and where to watch:

Start time: 5:00 MT

Television: MLB Network


Rockies picks:

First round: 23 (Monday)
Second round: 62 (Monday)
Competitive Balance Round B: 77 (Monday)
Third Round: 100 (Tuesday)
Fourth Round: 129 (Tuesday)
Every 30th pick thereafter through round 40