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Purple Dinosaur Podcast: The trade deadline edition

PDP talks about what the Rockies need to do to compete in the second half

Listen to this week's episode of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast!
Listen to this week’s episode of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast!
Purple Row

Your friendly neighborhood Colorado Rockies podcast is back and better than ever*!

(*offer may not be valid or true)

After our one week All-Star/illness hiatus, the PDP returns to get you set for the start of the second half. The Rockies floundered their way into the break on a six-game losing streak and now find three teams ahead of them in the National League West. Not only that, but the trade deadline is approaching, and the July 31 one is the only one now. What will the Rockies’ approach be to try to better a club that, as of right now, looks like it’ll struggle to make a third straight playoff appearance? What trade targets could be possible for the Rockies, and how likely are they to pony up the prospect price tag it would take to land someone big?

Plus, we’ll field some #AskPDP questions about when we’ll retire (never, you poor saps) to which video game character would make the best deadline acquisition and more.

All that and more on the Purple Dinosaur Podcast. Purchase it at the fence location in St. Denis!