FPF Why I rank PuRPs the way I do.

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So I was greatly influenced by Sage, the Freemeyers (Sp.) as well as others that have come and gone as writers. Mattrob and DCmoney have taught me a lot since they are often on opposite sides of an argument but they are able to explain their positions well. I have also read much. One article that really effects my PuRP lists was an article that I can't find anymore that compared hitters age in the AA level as well as their K and BB rates and the likelihood that they reach and have success at the MLB level. There was another author's statement that stats matter more as a player advances in levels that has stuck with me. Another thing that has helped me is when others have called me out on my statements I have made. It is easy to say whatever you want but it is another to defend what you think and usually right or wrong a person will have a better understanding of the issue after being called out.

The criteria I use as most influential on my PuRP lists is how others view this person. Does he make the Fangraphs, BA, and lists? These usually have access to scouts that have an idea of what to look for. is probably the least influential of the three. So scouting is a major factor in my PuRP lists. Two is how is this guy being used by the Organization. There was once a guy that appeared on PuRP lists regularly that was always the secondary catcher on the team that he was playing for. I didn't rank him and was not surprised when he was released. Along with that comes age to level. Sometimes, I see ones speak negatively of a persons age at a certain level but it seems appropriate, while others speak of a similar person being young. My view is, 22 in AA for a hitter is a prospect and more likely than not of becoming a MLB player. Whether or not that person is good is a different story. 23 in AA for a hitter is par for the course and the player will need good stats to back him up. 24 in AA for a hitter leaves a very slim chance this player sees MLB action. One exception is if this player is still developing power as power hitters tend to develop later. Pitchers seem to develop about 6-9 months later than hitters. Catchers seem to develop another year behind pitchers. Pedigree matters. Teams pay out bonuses and draft players high for a reason. These players don't always develop but they usually have talent. The last factor and sometimes hard for me to dismiss is results. I've looked at a teams player stat over years at each level and i have gotten fairly good at being able tell who is going to be promoted to the next level or not. But to tell if a player will have future success, I haven't found a system. Especially since Rockies don't emphasize winning in the minors. They often take away a players best tool and make them develop a secondary tool especially the player is one that is a greater prospects in the Rockies eyes. So to look at a guys results and say this guy is terrible is not always true. That said once a player gets to AA, I start to look at his stats.

In conclusion I think PuRP lists should be one of the more enjoyable endeavors on this sight. I encourage others to take the plunge and don't feel that others will criticize you for your lists. It is always interesting to see how different people think and if someone criticizes a newbie then it is up to the board to come to his defense. We have all been there. It is OK and have fun!

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