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Rockies sign Dominican shortstop Adael Amador

Amador is MLB Pipeline’s number 12 international prospect

July 2nd is international signing day. If you ever wondered how players like Raimel Tapia (Dominican Republic) and Yonathan Daza (Venezuela) made it into the Rockies’ organization, this is where they got their start. Both players, in fact, signed as international free agents in 2010 when they were 16 years old. German Márquez (Venezuela), the Rockies best pitcher, signed as an international free agent with Tampa Bay in 2011.

The Rockies have made their first signing here in 2019. They signed 16-year-old Dominican shortstop Adael Amador to a $1.5 million contract, according to’s Jesse Sanchez. Amador is MLB Pipeline’s 12th ranked international prospect.

Amador is listed as a shortstop, but it’s basically a 50/50 chance that changes over the next couple of years. Based on Baseball America’s 2017 video footage of Amador, he seems to be a switch hitter (and, because he plays shortstop, obviously a right-handed thrower).

We won’t see Aador in the majors for a long, long time. Typically, international signees get their start in the Dominical Summer League the year after they sign before they make their way to the Rockies’ low minor league affiliates.

I know we have smart community members that have a lot more insight on Amador than me. What else do we know about him?

UPDATE, 10: 24 MT

Here’s a mini-scouting report video from MLB Pipeline: