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Purple Dinosaur Podcast: On Tulo’s complicated legacy

PDP talks about Tulo’s retirement and his Rockies legacy, as well as some of that terrible baseball the Rockies have bene playing

We’ve missed out on recording two out of the last three weeks, but it turns out that the Rockies have been playing absolutely terrible baseball, so maybe it was for the best. On this week’s episode of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast, we begin with the news that former Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki has announced his retirement from the game of baseball. We look back on Tulo’s complicated legacy as a Rockies franchise pillar from his supreme brilliance on the field to the health issues that robbed him of too much of that time to his chilly reputation away from the game he loved.

Plus, the Rockies have been terrible lately. Like legitimately, actually, 16-losses-in-their-last-20 terrible. Where does that leave them headed toward the trade deadline? Not in a great spot at all. We’ll discuss why and what it means going toward 2020 and beyond.

Finally, we’ll answer some of your #AskPDP queries from the best pizza toppings to why the Rockies keep coming up empty in attempting to find a long-term answer at first base.

All that and more is here on the 174th episode of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast. Package it in a deal for some under-the-radar podcast prospects next week!