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Troy Tulowitzki’s retirement is all the reason we need to make a shirt

Show your love for one of the Rockies greats

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Troy Tulowitzki recently announced his retirement from baseball. While he hasn’t played for the Rockies since 2015, he’ll always be one of the best players to ever wear a Rockies uniform. Tulo was a unique talent, and unfortunate victim of the injury bug, and also the owner of one of the most memorable Coors Field chants in team history. You know how it goes:

Now, and as always in partnership with BreakingT, you can wear the chant that created such a grand sense of community for Rockies fans.

You can get the shirt by following this link. If you use that link, Purple Row will receive a commission of the shirt sales, which will be put toward our annual Opening Day breakfast in Denver.

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