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Pebble Report Podcast: On prospects close and far away

What to know from recent happenings on the farm

Brandon Eaker

What should Rockies fans know about what’s happening in the farm system? That’s the driving question for what is turning out to be a podcast spinoff. In this special episode of Affected by Altitude, which we can just go ahead and call the Pebble Report Podcast, Eric Garcia McKinley and Sam Bradfield talk about what’s interesting and notable on the farm.

We discuss one Joshua Rico Garcia, who definitely made the right choice to go with his middle name, and Yonathan Daza’s Ted Williams-like hitting in Albuquerque. We then turn to the low minors, with a particular focus on where the Rockies’ recent draftees have ended up, and how old Eric will be when Adael Amador reaches the majors.

Give it a listen and, as always, let us know what you think!