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Dodgers 9, Rockies 4: Freeland rocked as Rox get blown out

At least some dudes in the bullpen pitched well?

When it comes to big picture for the 2019 season, the Dodgers know where they stand and the Rockies, whether they want to admit it or not, probably know where they stand. So when the Dodgers took an early seven-run lead Tuesday night, it felt like both teams largely went through the motions the rest of the way.

It was a blowout pretty much from the jump, and the Dodgers cruised to an easy 9-4 win at Coors Field.

Kyle Freeland gets rocked

As the home runs flew out of Coors Field on big fat pitches that got too much of the plate, starting with the very first batter in A.J. Pollock, the home announcing team struggled to explain what’s happening. They considered the idea that maybe Freeland just has no margin for error: where once he might have gotten away with mistakes every now and then, he literally gets punished every time he makes a mistake this season. It’s bad luck or a perfect storm or something like that.

Maybe that’s the case. Hopefully it is. But watching Freeland struggle, watching him throw pitch after pitch over the heart of the plate, I’m not inclined to think that’s what is happening here. I think he’s just throwing lots of bad pitches up in the zone. Whatever the explanation, his home run problem persisted on Tuesday.

He gave up three home runs in the first two innings, including one to Russell freaking Martin where the old man got to pose and everything. Freeland surrendered seven runs, six earned, in those first three innings with a couple walks. In the end he was charged with a seventh earned run, allowing eight runs total, and he only went 3.2 innings. It was ugly.

The offense tried to battle back

There was a three-run rally where guys like Nolan Arenado and Daniel Murphy came through. Ian Desmond hit the ball really hard. And for whatever those small victories are worth, the Rockies didn’t go away with two outs in the ninth inning and added an extra run. Unfortunately they are probably too far out of the playoff picture for that resiliency to matter, but it’s still admirable.

Bryan Shaw!

Hey friends, the trade deadline is tomorrow, and your boy Bryan Shaw just pitched two shutout innings in which he struck out six batters. That bullpen market is scarce, everybody needs relief help, and the Rockies just so happen to have a guy with a name you know who’s obviously got things back on track.

Holler at your boy! And by that, I mean hit up general manager Jeff Bridich. If he’s being difficult, just tell him how smart he is or something like that. Let’s see a trade! Ask about Jake McGee too.

Looking ahead

The Rockies wrap up this series with the Dodgers on Wednesday afternoon. German Márquez will get the start against Hyun Jin-Ryu for the Dodgers.