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Las Cucarachas shirt? Las Cucarachas shirt

Las Cucarachas are giving the Rockies life, and now they’re immortalized in a shirt

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On Wednesday afternoon Nolan Arenado hit a walk off home run that prevented a home sweep at the hands of the Diamondbacks. As he headed toward first base, you might have seen Arenado greeting the dugout with a wiggly hand gesture near the top of his head. He was, in fact, making a cockroach gesture. It’s a new thing in the Rockies clubhouse.

After a lot of lifeless games, the Rockies are internalizing the primary characteristic of Las Cucarachas. They just don’t die. Or, at least, you can’t get rid of them. It’s the Rockies’ way of saying “we’re here to stay.”

Now, along with BreakingT, we’ve immortalized (get it?) this brand new, bona fide thing into a t-shirt.

Buy it. Sport it. And may we have many more occasions seeing that wiggly gesture over the next six weeks.

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