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Purple Dinosaur Podcast: What to expect from the rest of the season

PDP talks Cucarachas, and what to look for as the Rockies’ season winds down

The Rockies have won exactly 10 games in the second half since the start of July, but they brought a new wrinkle into the season with the introduction of the Identity? Gag? We’ll discuss what it means for where the clubhouse is right now as the Rockies try to salvage something from this season and what it could mean about where the clubhouse has been throughout this season and this stunning regression.

Plus, Dom Nuñez has arrived in the big leagues, Jeff Hoffman continues ping-ponging back and forth between Albuquerque and Denver, and the best prospect talent in the system is still at the lower levels. How much should the final few weeks of this lost season go toward playing young players and getting a read on what this team will look like in 2020?

All that and more is here on the latest edition of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast. YUUUUMMMMM!