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Affected by Altitude: Pitching changes and free agent targets

The Purple Row podcast crew talks about the state of the Rockies pitching, and looks ahead to potential free agent targets

In this episode of Affected by Altitude, Sam Bradfield, Ben Kouchnerkavich, Eric Garcia McKinley, an Adam Peterson discuss the Rockies rotation, which looks a lot like an Isotopes rotation. They then talk about the closer situation, most pressingly: Who should even be the closer?

At about the 30 minute mark the podcast crew looks ahead to the offseason and reviews a list of free agents, weighing in on each one’s potential fit with the Rockies in a Fire up the Fountains segment.

Gerardo Parra, anyone?

★ ★ ★

AxA is a bimonthly podcast featuring roundtable discussion, game segments, interviews, and the occasional hot take from a revolving group of contributors from Purple Row. We live in different places, have varying backgrounds, and may or may not know the difference between bWAR and fWAR. Regardless, we are all united in our love of the Rockies and a desire to provide Purple Row readers with a fresh new voice.

We continue to be amazed by the support we receive from the Rockies’ fandom. This show is for you, Purple Row readers and Rockies fans, so please let us know how we’re doing, what we can improve, and what you would like to see from us moving forward. Get in touch with us in the comments below or on Twitter at @AltitudeEffect.