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Surveyed Rockies fans enthusiastically disapprove of trade deadline activity

This is another sign of fan frustration

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Welcome to SB Nation FanPulse, a survey of fans across MLB. Each week, we send 30 polls to plugged in fans from each team. Rockies fans, sign up HERE to join FanPulse.

The most recent FanPulse results are in. They are not great.

Overall confidence in the direction of the team is down to a season low 13%. If the Rockies have another bad week we might see that dip into the single digits. Approval of the job Bud Black is doing as manager is at 71%, which is a mild suggestion that Rockies fans don’t blame him for their frustrations.

This most recent round of polling also included a question about the trade deadline: “Do you approve of what the Rockies did at the trade deadline?” Among those surveyed, about three quarters said they did not approve.

Given the tone of things lately, especially regarding the job Jeff Bridich is doing at the helm of baseball operations, that result isn’t really surprising.

There are still a couple things we don’t know about this poll. As always, I don’t know what the sample size is. All I know is that the more people sign up the more interesting these results will be, and that the weekly poll never has more than three questions and takes about 15 seconds to take every week. I encourage participation.

The other thing I don’t know that can be more immediately addressed in the comments here, is why. Whether you participate in FanPulse polling or not, why do you or don’t you approve of what the Rockies did at the deadline?

Myself, I voted “No.” It primarily had to do with my belief that the Rockies could have gotten rid of at least one bad reliever contract. I don’t know that for sure, but I’m guessing that the Rockies had a chance to trade either Wade Davis or Bryan Shaw. If so, they should have taken it without worrying about the return. So my disapproval vote didn’t have anything to do with, for example, holding on to Scott Oberg.

What say you?