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What can the Rockies do with the rest of 2019?

Rockies news and links for September 10, 2019

Colorado Rockies: The 3 biggest tasks left in the 2019 season | Rox Pile

There are a mere 18 games remaining in the Rockies’ terrible 2019 season, and they’re sitting at 60-84, trying to avoid a 100-loss year. Normally, three wins would be achievable in that span, but they’re 3-17 for their last 20 games, so it’s not a guarantee. However, if the Rockies can accomplish a few things, it won’t be a complete wash. They can spoil postseason hopes for some teams, as only six games are against teams not vying for a playoff spot. The Rockies could eliminate the Milwaukee Brewers from their Wild Card hopes, which would allow us some satisfaction after last year’s playoff being dashed by the Brewers. They can also give their young and new players the chance to get some playing time in. This might impact the 100-loss possibility, but it’s still valuable to get those players some practice on the big stage. Finally, the Rockies need to figure out what to do about their pitching before the new season. They’ve got some potential options, with Jeff Hoffman, Peter Lambert, and Tim Melville. The Rockies just need to square away what they need to accomplish to have a more successful season in 2020.

Why Nolan Arenado, hungry to play every day, is the Iron Man of the Colorado Rockies | Denver Post ($)

Nolan Arenado’s passion for baseball is well-documented, and his commitment to playing as much as he can is remarkable. He has played in 98% of games in his last five seasons, putting him in the top 1% of that category. He plays through injury and fatigue, only going to the IL once in his career. He’s built to play every day, and he has done what he can to contribute to his team’s success in every game he’s played.