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Making plans for the 2020 season

Rockies news and links for September 13, 2019

What will the Colorado Rockies do at first base in 2020? | Rox Pile

First base has been a tricky spot to fill for a while for the Rockies, and this year was no exception. Daniel Murphy was the main pick up in the offseason, and he was expected to be an offensive force. His early injury led to three other players, Mark Reynolds, Josh Fuentes, and Yonder Alonso all starting at first base. The spot was disappointing in 2019, and now it’s time to think about 2020. Daniel Murphy is still an option, and he was hopefully be recovered enough to help contribute. Roberto Ramos was outstanding with Triple-A Albuquerque, and he could possibly be a good option at first base. His youth might work against him, though, as the Rockies tend to favor veterans in their starting positions. The Rockies could consider snagging a free agent, but the pickings are rather slim there this year. If the Rockies want to fight their way back into playoff contention, they’ll likely need to make some adjustments at first base.

Investigating the possibility of a Nolan Arenado blockbuster for Rockies | Mile High Sports

The idea of trading away Nolan Arenado seems kind of ridiculous, but if the Rockies continue on the way they have this season, this might be a possibility that comes up in the future. They could look to pick up a pitcher, like they did in the Troy Tulowitzki trade. Another alternative could be looking for a third-base replacement, or potentially a top prospect trade. Nolan Arenado has been a keystone for the Rockies organization, but a tough start to the next season could open some doors previously thought not even to be there.