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Keeping spirits up for the rest of 2019

Rockies news and links for September 16, 2019

Officially eliminated, Rockies refusing to flush remainder of season | Mile High Sports

Rockies fans can get tickets to games for as low as $3, but they’re certainly getting a show worth their money. The Rockies refuse to give up for the rest of the year, even though they’ve been eliminated from the playoffs. This is the best they’ve played in a while, which just goes to show they have the kind of spirit to keep going. They’ve learned a lot in this disappointing season, like seeing what some of the young pitchers can do. And stars Nolan Arenado and Trevor Story are still on track to win personal awards for the year. 2019 is wrapping up, and all we can hope is that maybe next year will be better.

Colorado Rockies: How Ian Desmond helped Chi Chi Gonzalez find his groove | Rox Pile

Chi Chi Gonalez has had some lows in this season, like his outing against Pittsburgh in late August where he gave up seven hits on 27 pitches. That night definitely affected his confidence, but he is grateful to his teammates for boosting him back up. In particular, Ian Desmond has been helpful for getting him back from that rough spot. This has been something consistent that Desmond has provided to his team. He’s a great character in the clubhouse, honest with the other players and helpful in supporting them. Chi Chi Gonzalez has been appreciative of this and is looking forward to a better season next year.