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Rockies hitters aren’t just Coors Field hitters

Rockies news and links for September 23, 2019

How lucky are Colorado Rockies hitters actually getting? | Rox Pile

Hitting at Coors Field creates some possibly skewed numbers for Rockies players. While it’s true that sometimes players get lucky, sometimes it’s pure skill. With Daniel Murphy, it’s luck, though, as the sabermetric numbers show. Raimel Tapia’s also been lucky in his promising year this season. Ryan McMahon’s numbers show that some of his success has been luck, but he’s also just hitting the ball harder and more consistently. Ian Desmond’s not been lucky, but Nolan Arenado’s performance has been due to his skill. Trevor Story isn’t performing with luck, but hitting hard, and so is David Dahl. Charlie Blackmon tends to get penalized for his home and road splits, but he hits a little harder than the league average, showing that he’s a good hitter, not just a Coors Field hitter.

The Rockies biggest star? Coors Field, which remains a baseball mecca, despite team’s losing ways | Denver Post ($)

The Rockies haven’t been putting on a very good show for fans this year, but attendance at Coors Field is still sky-high. Even though the team is losing, people still enjoy spending time at the ballpark, located right in the heart of downtown with phenomenal views of the mountains. It’s family friendly, there’s plenty of parking available, and concession lines are long. With Denver drawing more and more people, Coors Field is a natural hang-out spot, for both Rockies fans and fans of other teams. Whatever the reason is, people will go to Coors Field whether the Rockies win or lose, but hopefully soon they’ll start drawing crowds in with wins.