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Las Cucarachas keep it up into fall

Rockies news and links for September 24, 2019

Must see: Colorado Rockies rookies in costumer take flight | Rox Pile

Back in August, the Rockies jokingly started referring to themselves as “Las Cucarachas,” as they refused to give up as the rough season came to an end. Like cockroaches, they just keep plugging away, continuing to fight. The Colorado rookies donned cockroach costumes on their flight to San Francisco as a tribute to this notion that although the team is losing, they can still have fun and play their game.

Colorado Rockies podcast: Diving into some September statistics | Rox Pile

September has been rather surprising for the Rockies, who had an abysmal start to the summer but has ended it on a better note. Garrett Hampson has had a fantastic month, leading the team in batting as well as stealing seven bases. The podcast also goes into the catching position, examining Dom Nunez and Drew Butera and how they’ve been doing lately. They also take a look at the rest of the season and how the Rockies will wrap everything up for the year.