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Rockies shut down Peter Lambert for season

Rockies news and links for Wednesday September 25, 2019

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Rox shut down rookie righty Lambert for season |

The Rockies have decided to call it a season for Peter Lambert, who entered the season as one of the Rockies most highly rated prospects. The decision seems to be twofold. First, why not? Second, the Rockies want to make adjustments to Lambert’s delivery. Bud Black told Thomas Harding that they’ll work on some mechanical changes with the hopes of Lambert making progress in 2020.

Lambert had a rough rookie campaign. Despite some nice starts, he finished with a 7.25 ERA and a 5.98 FIP in 89 13 innings pitched. He only struck out 5.74 batters per nine innings, and he walked 3.63. Let’s hope the changes are pointed and effective, because it would be nice to have Lambert around to hold down the back end of the 2020 rotation.

One breakout player for every team |

The choice here is Carlos Estévez, which is a good choice. Estévez has struck out more than 10 batters per nine innings and has posted an ERA of 3.75. He’s been a quality member of the bullpen for the whole season. Others who might compete for this are Ryan McMahon and Jairo Díaz. And recency bias might lead one to choose Sam Hilliard here, but he only has 68 plate appearances, and most of his games have come against September competition. He’s having a nice month, but it’s far too early to call him a breakout.

Honoring the defensive MVPs of all 30 teams | The Athletic ($)

Here’s another from the “one from every team” genre of writing that’s taken off lately. The choice for the Rockies here is Trevor Story. It’s surprising that it’s not Nolan Arenado, but it’s also not that surprising. Story has posted 6 more DRS (17 to 11) at a more difficult defensive position than Arenado. He will, at the very least, be a finalist for the Gold Glove at shortstop this season.