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Stars still shining in rough season

Rockies news and links for September 6, 2019

Arenado on pace for history among Rockies’ bevy of award candidates | Mile High Sports

The Rockies have had a number of star players throughout their tenure, including Larry Walker and Todd Helton. Nolan Arenado is the current face of stardom, with his historic Gold Glove streak. He’s looking at continuing this streak, as well Silver Slugger at third base. There’s some stiff competition for the Silver Slugger award, but with Nolan being Nolan, the Gold Glove seems almost a lock. Trevor Story is another star player that the Rockies boast. He’s looking like the Silver Slugger contender to beat for shortstops. Story is also in the running for Gold Glove, so we’ll see how he can do for the rest of the season. Another star is in the outfield in Charlie Blackmon. He could find himself winning the Silver Slugger, but his home-road splits are unfortunately used him in the conversation. Despite the Rockies dreadful season, we can still rely on our stars to do well.

Colorado Rockies inbox: What will be the most shocking offseason move? | Rox Pile

Historically, the Rockies haven’t made big offseason moves. After the year they’ve had, some fans might be hoping for some major moves, but it might not happen. The free agent market isn’t exactly full of things the Rockies need, and since money’s a factor, they likely can’t afford the kind of players they could bring in to bolster things up. Jose Abreu, Derek Dietrich, Corey Dickerson, Yu Darvish, Kenley Jansen: these are all players the Rockies could use, but they’re not realistic candidates with the Rockies. Pitching is the biggest concern for the Rockies right now, and besides going full out with trades and draft picks, or clearing house and rebuilding for five years from now, they’re not truly going to be a playoff contender in the next couple years.

Rockies Insider: DJ LeMahieu on track to become first player to win undisputed batting titles in both leagues | Denver Post ($)

There have been a lot of what-ifs in the 2019 season, and a big one has been what if the Rockies kept DJ LeMahieu. He’s been blowing everyone away with the Yankees, on pace to win a batting title in both the AL and NL, something no players has done in the major leagues before. It’s hard to say if he would have had the same caliber season had he stayed with the Rockies, but we sure miss him now.

On the Farm

Rookie: Rocky Mountain Vibe 7, Grand Junction Rockies 2 |