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Fixing Rockies pitching for 2020

Rockies news and links for September 9, 2019

Rockies’ starting rotation for 2020 needs an extreme makeover | Denver Post ($)

It’s easy to say that the 2019 starting rotation has been rough, but it’s harder to say what to do with this knowledge to help make 2020 better. Injuries have definitely been a factor, but things just haven’t been as good as they should be. After such a good year last season, hopes were high, but the Rockies pitching has been, at best, lackluster. There are some pitchers who are optimistically hoping for next year, like Jon Gray and German Marquez, whose poor 2019 performances have been due to injuries. Kyle Freeland and Antonio Senzatela are works in progress, hopefuls for a better year next season. Peter Lambert and Jeff Hoffman have also shown real promise in what they can contribute to the team. There are some other players who have shown that they can help the team out, so hopefully the Rockies can get things figured out for 2020.

Colorado Rockies: A bright spot in the last few very bleak weeks | Rox Pile

Pitching hasn’t been ideal for the Rockies this season. However, they’ve got to appreciate the good where they can, and there is some good in Jeff Hoffman. As we break in the final month of the season, Hoffman has been a bright spot. While he’s allowed several runners to get on base, he’s managed to keep the run count pretty low. Things certainly aren’t perfect with him, he’s been better than expected and better than other pitchers, putting him as a win with the losing Rockies.

Rockies’ three biggest in-house changes needed for next year | Mile High Sports

The moves that the Rockies tried to make this year all seemed to end poorly. The young rotation couldn’t get things done, and repositioning players who were struggling didn’t work either. In order to find success next year, the Rockies need to make some moves within the organization, as well as outside the club as well. Give this podcast a listen to find out a breakdown of what kind of moves the Rockies need to make.

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