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The best of the decade

Rockies news and links for Wednesday, January 1, 2020

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Everyone is doing their “best of the decade” lists, so I thought I’d offer my contribution as well.

So here you have it: The best Rockies posts of the decade (to date).

  1. This one.

I have to say, it’s an honor to be this list.

And given that the Rockies are still undefeated since I joined Purple Row, I’m confident 2020 holds only great things.

Let’s check in with the rest of the internet to make sure we all agree.

10 Rockies predictions for 2020: Something is about to snap in Colorado | The Athletic ($)

Nick Groke has lots of predictions. They include:

  • Drew Butera will be on the opening day roster (he probably will).
  • Ryan McMahon will be an All-Star (he won’t, even if he deserves it).
  • German Marquez will either win 20 games or hit a home run (why not both?).
  • Wade Davis will be the closer and then won’t be the closer anymore (??).

The article also includes a prediction that Nolan Arenado will finish the season on the Rockies because even if the Rockies are out of it by July, they’ll still spend the next several months trying to figure out a trade rather than actually making a trade (this seems on brand).

Of course, Nolan’s will-he-won’t-he situation affects the rest of the team as well. If Nolan stays, the Rockies need to find some more money for Trevor Story (they have it — don’t believe any report that says otherwise). If Nolan goes, suddenly supply is low (there’s only one Trevor Story), and demand is high (the Rockies need at least one superstar), meaning Trevor’s price could skyrocket.

This is true, but I think there’s another factor at play here.

My take: If you want one of them, you’d better plan on paying both.

Nolan and Trevor like playing together. They’re comfortable with each other. They have similar work ethics. And they talk to each other about contract stuff too.

I think Nolan’s and Trevor’s fates are intertwined. If the Rockies let Nolan walk, they’re going to have a tough time convincing Trevor to stay. And if they don’t make a play for Trevor, that’s just another item on Nolan’s growing list of reasons to opt out.

New Year’s Resolutions for 2020 and beyond | Rox Pile

Obviously, keeping Nolan should be the Rockies’ No. 1 New Year’s resolution. Yes, it would be nice to have another decent pitcher, a catcher and a real first baseman, but let’s face it: None of that is happening.

Thankfully, neither is the last resolution: for the Rockies to get new uniforms.

New uniforms could be fun. Teams that aren’t the Rockies update their uniforms all the time — Arizona has had, like, 15 different gray uniforms alone. And we’re all entitled to our opinions, and I really don’t want to be a jerk here, but the idea of navy/burgundy/yellow throwbacks to the Rockies hockey team that left in 1982 made me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

My vote: something more along the lines of the Nuggets’ “City Edition” jerseys. We know some of the Rockies would be OK with that.

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Nolan | 28

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I think this design would flatter every player, from Nolan (above) to Daniel Murphy. (And check it out: Nolan’s hat even features a variation of the hockey logo.)

Rumors: Arenado, Ozuna, Rangers, Donaldson |

Good news. Buster Olney says the Rockies aren’t shopping Nolan:

“Now Colorado is just open to ideas rather than pushing to unload the third baseman’s contract.”

Of course, this is what they have been doing the entire time.

But it’s good to hear it from an expert instead of just listening to myself scream into the void.