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Baseball Hall of Fame 2020: Purple Row community ballot

Could this be the year that #WalkerHOF becomes more than just a Twitter hashtag?

It’s that time of year again -- time to cast your votes in the fourth annual Purple Row Hall of Fame Community Ballot! Last year, 171 people cast votes and we “elected” Larry Walker, Todd Helton, Roy Halladay, Mariano Rivera. Obviously, Halladay and Rivera were elected to Cooperstown whereas Walker and Helton were not. That also means that two of the four candidates who were elected to the actual Hall of Fame (Edgar Martinez and Mike Mussina) were not given the prestigious honor of being elected to the Purple Row Major League Baseball Hall of Fame. Bummer for them.

This year, Bobby Abreu, Jason Giambi, Derek Jeter, and Cliff Lee headline the class of 18 first timers. Giambi joins the class of former Rockies that includes Todd Helton, who is in his second year of eligibility, and Larry Walker, who is in his final year.

If you want to exercise your rights as a baseball fan, you can either vote on this page or follow this link. As always, ballots can contain up to ten names, per Hall of Fame ballot protocol. The ballot will be open for two weeks and we’ll follow up with the results soon after. Real ballots were due on December 31 and results have been trickling in. The 2020 inductees will be announced on January 21 and formally inducted on July 26. Could this be the year that #WalkerHOF becomes more than just a Twitter hashtag? You could help that become a reality!*

Happy voting!