A Perspective on Fan Rights

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Renee, I appreciate your recent article and your perspective. It's obviously shared by a drove of fans. Your perspective and opinions on these matters are real, and matters I've had to weigh personally as well. I have come to different conclusions and I respectfully disagree with your opinions that the Rockies treat their fans poorly, that they are not concerned with winning, that they are not honest, and that they are intentionally yanking fans' chains with Arenado rumors.

Firstly, I believe you conclude that this organization doesn't value winning. You say, "The Rockies cultivate my loyalty by marketing players…and (hopefully) a winning team." Your inclusion of hopefully makes it seem like you're concluding that it's of lesser or little importance. While it is of lesser importance to Monfort, it is only because he has to financially run the organization in a manner that allows him to maintain ownership. Make no mistake though, winning is the best way to usher in more revenue. He knows that. Winning is important to him. He has said so, and as of late he has backed it up with increased payrolls.

Secondly, of course they tap into your love of baseball and your affection of personalities. What's wrong with an effective marketing team and strategy? That means engaged fans, and fan support. Who knows, if the Rockies weren't as good as they are at marketing and social media, would we be as in love with players as we are? I'd be concerned if an organization's leadership wasn't concerned with "generating revenue." That's their job. In its truest form. No revenue, no ownership. Are we really about to ask Monfort to sell the team so we can have a seemingly more competent and compassion leadership group? That's an illegitimate ask even if we'd like to. I'd be careful what you wish for too. The grass ain't always greener. Monfort has the right to run his organization how he likes, and fans have a choice of whether to support that style or not.

Thirdly, it seems ironic that you're expressing frustration about a lack of communication when the Rockies were actively seeking your communication through a telephone call with a real human being that surely reports feedback to his manager, who then consolidates that feedback, and sends it to Monfort's office. Monfort has a beat on how season-ticket holders generally feel. He's made mistakes in the past because of this. That shows that he's aware of the consensus though. Which means he cares about your feedback, or he wouldn't give it the time of day.

Fourthly, I don't see how this organization is disallowing your hope or imagination. Stunting it, maybe. You say that, "Not only are Rockies fans not allowed to imagine a better team in 2020…" Personally, it's not too difficult for me to imagine the starting rotation rebounding and leading this team back into contention. This team goes when the rotation goes. I'm not willing to accept Freeland's 2018 as some fluke season. Marquez is an excellent pitcher, and Gray has shown flashes of brilliance. That's a legit top three in the rotation. It'd be pretty difficult to improve the rotation without jeopardizing the long-term success of this team. Is it frustrating that the team can't spend more money to improve, sure. Again, that's not my call though. All I have is a choice of whether to support it or not.

Fifthly, what's wrong with a self-imposed salary cap? Again, it is Monfort's right to run his organization with an imposed salary cap. That doesn't make him a bad person, or someone that doesn't care about winning. If anything, it shows some financial wisdom and a commitment to sustainably develop the team. The team's salary cap isn't for the fans to decide. You have a choice whether or not to support Monfort's leadership style, and I'm proud that you made the choice you did with the conclusions you've come to. You made an informed decision. You're a great fan for doing so. It doesn't mean that you hate the Rockies, or that you don't want to win.

Sixthly, why is it our right to demand to be in the know about trade rumors? I am glad that Bridich doesn't keep media informed about everything. I am glad that Bridich is willing to consider legitimate trade offers that could improve the team, whether that's in the present, future, or both. Do we not trust that Arenado can handle these trade rumors? Could it be conceivable that Arenado changed his mind, and politely asked Bridich/Monfort to seek out acceptable trade options for both he and the Rockies organization? Regardless, I don't know what good comes from the fans being informed about the trade rumors. At best, it comforts us. You allude to it, "That was very much not what I needed to hear." At worse, it stunts the front office's ability to make good acquisitions. It's okay to conclude that you don't trust the Front Office's ability to receive a good trade return. They surely have made mistakes in the past. More often than not though, fans seem disgusted with the idea of moving a player of Arenado's granduer. Understandable, but also maybe blinded.

Seventhly, has this team not been honest? From the outset, they honestly communicated that they were against the top of their salary cap. The Front Office has honestly communicated that this is the time of the year where they'll listen to other teams. Has Monfort not proven his desire to win by increasing the team payroll? I can understand your frustration, and again it is why I'm proud of you for making the informed decision you did. To assert that the Rockies haven't been honest is false.

I have come to different conclusions and I respectfully disagree with your opinions that the Rockies treat their fans poorly, that they are not concerned with winning, that they are not honest, and that they are intentionally yanking fans' chains with Arenado rumors. I think this is an emotional response, and not truly representative of what’s really happening right now.

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