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Is Kyle Freeland going to be the pitcher the Rockies need in 2020?

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Rockies news and links for Monday, January 20, 2020

Rockies’ Kyle Freeland, armed with new delivery, confident he’ll rebound | The Denver Post ($)

2018 was a great season for Kyle Freeland. His 2.85 ERA was impressive and he even landed in 4th place after the votes were tallied for the National League Cy Young Award. However, 2019 was a rough a year for Freeland. After 12 starts he was optioned to Triple-A Albuquerque in hopes that he could regather himself and figure out what was going wrong. He posted a 6.23 ERA in 2019, a far cry from the success of his 2018 season. Can Freeland rebound and get back to being the 2018 pitcher we saw succeed?

During this offseason, Freeland has been working with the Rockies new bullpen coach Darryl Scott. He is working on a new delivery and is striving for consistency, something he lacked in 2019.

“The difference between ’18 and ’19 was a mixture of things,” Freeland said. “I got away from being me. I hit the panic button when I started stringing together some bad starts and I saw that I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. Instead of taking a step back and reevaluating things, I started to try everything that was being thrown at me. Anything that was suggested to me, I was like, ‘I’m going to try it.’ I think that was the main factor.”

Hopefully Freeland is able to make positive adjustments and be an anchor in the starting rotation along with German Marquez and Jon Gray. If Freeland makes a rebound this season, he’ll return to being the hometown hero we all need.

Dave Roberts talks on Major League Baseball scandal | The San Diego Union Tribune

Last week was crazy when it came to baseball news. We learned that multiple managers were either fired or “mutually parted ways,” from their teams. We know that cheating accusations were getting thrown out from every direction. There were burner accounts and arguments over confetti and Tony Wolters had a few things to say about the sign stealing scandal. His main thoughts were that he didn’t follow the news closely, that as catcher he tries his best to cover his signs, and that the Rockies have thousands of signs to try and not give the competition an edge. So, nothing earth shattering here.

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In case you missed it Taylor McGregor announced that she is leaving AT&T SportsNet for the Marquee Sports Network to be a field reporter for the Chicago Cubs.