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A new era of Purple Row baseball

I look forward continuing the proud traditions of Purple Row

Purple Row. These two words describe a place that has been home for me over the last two years. It all began with a simple “like” on Facebook and since then, I have done more than I could’ve ever imagined thanks to this site. A mere three months after I was hired, I attended my first spring training game as a member of the media. That was the day that Carlos González held his press conference after re-signing with the Rockies. Holy crap, that was intimidating! Despite stumbling through that first day, I found my footing thanks to Thomas Harding, Patrick Saunders, and Blaine McCormick. After another three months, in June 2018, Eric Garcia McKinley asked if I wanted to be an assistant editor. That was absolutely surreal. Me, an elementary band teacher, as an editor for a baseball blog?!

Fast forward to January 2020. I am no longer an elementary band teacher anymore nor am I an assistant editor for a baseball blog. As you all have heard, Eric stepped down in December. In a bittersweet turn of events, I was chosen to take over as site manager, effective last Thursday.

With that in mind, Purple Row will continue to be the place you know and love. This site belongs to you — the fans — and that won’t ever change. Through the ups and downs of Rockies baseball, we will always continue to bring you the best analysis and commentary from the fans’ perspective, 365 days a year (366 this year because, you know, Leap Year). This will be a time of transition, but I look forward to taking the ball and continuing the proud traditions of Purple Row. This community has been so warm and welcoming to me over the last two years and now is my time to return the favor. So cheers, and go Rockies!