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Baseball Hall of Fame: Community ballot selects 2, including Larry Walker

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#WalkerHOF is a reality in this community

The first Hall of Fame class of the new decade will be announced very soon. Derek Jeter appears set to become the second unanimous inductee behind fellow Yankee Mariano Rivera (2019). Curt Schilling and Larry Walker appear to be on the cusp if all goes according to plan. It’s also interesting to note that Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens are making strides in the eyes of voters, so maybe we’ll see them in Cooperstown soon.

A week ago, we published our annual community ballot. 261 Purple Row voters cast their votes and selected two players — Derek Jeter (86.5%) and Larry Walker (87.6%). That’s up from 171 in 2019, which made for some interesting results.

Perhaps the most interesting is that Todd Helton fell just short this year, after being “elected” last year with 86% of the vote. He received 72.2% of our fictional votes. There were only two players not to receive a single vote — Heath Bell and José Valverde — and two that received just a single vote — J.J. Putz and Brian Roberts. Full results are below.

Overall, it appears as though the community ballot might just mimic the actual ballot. Only time will tell. In the meantime, #WalkerHOF one more time!

Here’s how you can watch and chat along as the results come in!