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Baseball Hall of Fame: Larry Walker is headed to Cooperstown

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The Rockies great is now a Hall of Famer, opening the door for Todd Helton

Heading into Tuesday evenings unveiling of the results of the 2020 BBWAA voting for the Baseball Hall of Fame, two things were certain. Derek Jeter was going to get in, perhaps even unanimously, and Larry Walker was the only other player who had a chance. But the margin between Larry getting in and not getting in was razor-thin, especially after several ballots released on Monday revealed that they had dropped Walker after voting for him in previous years.

Those fears were put to rest on Tuesday evening, as Larry Walker becomes the first Rockies player to be elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. As expected, the vote was tight, as Walker received 76.6% of the vote, just six votes over the 75% required for enshrinement. Walker will join Derek Jeter, who finished with 99.7% of the vote (one vote shy of unanimous), as the only two players elected by the writers in the Hall of Fame class of 2020.

Naturally, Larry was ecstatic.

Meanwhile, Todd Helton’s case improved as well. After debuting at 16.5% of the vote last year, Helton finished with 29.2% this time around. When Walker debuted with 20% 10 years ago, it set him on a slow upward trajectory. But the circumstances of Walker’s candidacy, namely a backlog of players on the ballot including those tied to steroids, as well as a changing electorate mean that Helton’s candidacy will surely play out differently. Now we have eight years to find out if he can get enough support. Considering that the Rockies now have one Hall of Famer, I imagine Helton's case to get better and better as time goes on.