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Wade Davis promises a rebound year, but ‘we’ll see how that plays’

Rockies news and links for Wednesday, January 29, 2020

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‘Extremely upset’ Davis ready to rebound |

Of all the relief pitchers who pitched for the Rockies last year, Wade Davis was definitely one of them.

Sure, 2019 was unimpressive, but good news: Wade Davis has “full confidence in this never happening again.”

Steve Foster believes “Wade will bounce back because of his history. He had a poor year. But he had several great years before last year.”

Bud Black says Davis is “really committed to turning that around. The track record is pretty strong.”

This is all very “thank God and my teammates,” but then Bud Black added this:

“We’ll see how that plays.”

He wrote my stinger for me.

I’m just going to move on now.

With “growing belief” DH is coming to National League, here’s how it could affect the Rockies | Denver Post ($)

The Rockies were clearly planning on the DH coming to the National League last year. I mean, why else would they have signed Daniel Murphy? To play defense? Surely not.

However, the Rockies pitchers will have to face one more hitter in every lineup.

However, it’s not like pitchers were automatic outs against the Rockies anyway.

However, DHs will likely be better hitters than those pitchers who hit pretty well anyway.

However, maybe Daniel Murphy and/or Charlie Blackmon will hit better than the DHs who hit better than the pitchers.

So we’ll see how that plays.

A Nolan Arenado trade is all but inevitable. Which teams are most likely to make a deal? | The Athletic ($)

There’s only one logical conclusion that can be drawn from this whole Nolan Arenado trade rumor fiasco, so I guess I have a confession to make:

I sometimes have almond milk in my lattes. I’m so sorry. It’s my fault we’re in the Bad Place.

Here’s a recap of the latest article about the same teams Nolan Arenado could possibly be traded to.

Seems possible. They like to have good players. They have players they could trade. Not a great place for a player who doesn’t like the spotlight, though.

  • New York Yankees, straight up for Giancarlo Stanton


The Astros have pitching they could trade. And they do need a third baseman because ... oh, wait. They don’t.

Plus, can you imagine Nolan being involved in that whole cheating fiasco? I can’t.

Already a no. They don’t have the players to pull off a trade.

Yes, they could put together a trade package. No, they have not made any indication that they’re interested in doing so.

Please no.

See Texas Rangers above.

The Cubs are a team that exists.

Bottom line: Is a trade inevitable?

Maybe. But we’ll see how that plays.