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Jeff Bridich’s offseason and the wobbly chair

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Colorado Rockies news and links for Friday, January 31, 2020

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If Rockies GM Jeff Bridich could have an offseason do-over, would he take it? |

Amidst all the talk about disrespect and trade rumors, the main character in the Nolan Arenado controversy seems to be continually left out: Jeff Bridich. I don’t mean people forget about him—obviously, considering how many are calling for his ouster—but people forget about the complexities of his role in the matter going forward. Mark Knudson presents that angle here.

If Jeff Bridich wasn’t in the wobbly chair after a quiet offseason (which we should’ve seen coming considering Monfort warned us back in April that this offseason wouldn’t see much spending), he most certainly is now. And despite reports that owner Dick Monfort backs the GM, losing can change that situation in a hurry, even in this organization. It’s easier to support a GM who oversaw two playoff appearances in four years; it’s much harder when that same GM presides over back-to-back dumpster fire seasons that include alienating a homegrown generational talent.

Knudson floats two scenarios here: that the Rockies regain their footing and put themselves at least in the playoff conversation again, or that they continue to struggle to rack up wins. But if it’s the second scenario, according to Knudson, there’s reasons to believe Bridich would be leaving Denver before Nolan.

If I believed in speaking things into existence really worked, this would be the part where I would set up a recording of me speaking this into existence to play on repeat from a speaker pointed at the universe to make it happen.

Mookie Betts trade rumors: Dodgers, Red Sox discuss blockbuster deal that could involve David Price | CBS Sports

You know who else isn’t having a good offseason? Red Sox fans. And before everyone breaks out their tiny violins, this misery seems to be closer to having a direct impact on the Rockies, as the two front-runners for acquiring the all-world right fielder Mookie Betts has come down to the Dodgers and the Padres. As though the 106-win Dodgers needed any more help, they could flip key players from their impressive farm system to acquire Betts. Now, take those tiny violins and play them for us.

M.L.B.’s War of Words With the Minors Hits a Boiling Point | New York Times

You know who’s having a worse offseason than the Rockies? MLB/MiLB relations. The war of words escalated this week when MiLB sent a letter to MLB that became public and had strong words for the league. Not to be outdone, MLB released their own strongly worded letter. Not ones to be left in the cold when it comes to public statement writing, members of congress crafted a letter to both entities but mostly took the side of MiLB. Will any of this lead to the two sides coming together in good faith to work out a deal before the current Professional Baseball Agreement expires this September? Let me craft a letter to answer that question and I’ll get back to you.

The good and bad of MLB’s 2020 pregame caps | SBNation

Apparently the Rockies did something good this offseason! Outside of the mountain logo for the Rockies, I’m partial to the A’s, Angels, and, yes, even the Cardinals ones here. Which do you prefer?

Curse the dry air? A (somewhat) serious investigation into the Nuggets’ home shooting woes | The Athletic ($)

This has little to do with baseball, but it amuses me that another Denver-area team is experiencing drastic home road splits. Maybe it’s not the altitude but the Playing In Arenas Named After Beverages Effect?