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The Rockies are who we thought we were

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Rockies news and notes for January 5, 2020

Rockies GM Jeff Bridich’s lackluster moves this offseason should come as no surprise | Denver Post

During the days of Dan O’Dowd as general manager and Dick Monfort as a more meddlesome and vocal owner, I used to long for a front office that lied. That regime was far too open about their generally bad philosophy. I didn’t want total dishonesty, just a fib here or there that doesn’t publicly give your plans away. I’m talking about a little bit of PR savvy, not blatant dishonesty.

Jeff Bridich has probably swung things too far the other direction. He doesn’t tell anyone anything, and then he comes in hot with moves like signing Ian Desmond to a five-year deal in a bidding war with nobody. He also refuses to offer any sort of clarity or denial on the Nolan Arenado trade talks that are starting to be a real drag on this offseason.

There was one moment this offseason when Bridich was open and honest about his plans. That moment, as Jeff Bailey reminds us here, was when Bridich said that the failures of 2019 were on the players. His plan, therefore, was to do nothing and tell the players to do better.

At the time, one might have hoped he was just saying that to play his cards close to the chest on the more impactful moves to come. Unless you think the signing of Drew Butera to a minor league deal qualifies, no such luck.

A piece of advice for Colorado Rockies fans? It’s OK to act like a fan. | Rox Pile

Sound advice from Kevin Henry here. I think we can all relate to the frustrations of being a fan of this team at this point. And it bears saying again how quickly this has happened, with the Rockies coming off a playoff appearance just one year ago.

Report: Wild boar behind Yoenis Cespedes’ ankle injury | ESPN

Cespedes is a self-sufficient man. He traps his own wild boars on his ranch property. Unfortunately that led to what honestly sounds like a scary encounter with a wild bear that led to ankle fractures. And now we’ve got a new contender for best weird injury story.