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Will Larry Walker be elected into the Hall of Fame?

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Rockies news and links for Monday, January 6, 2020

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Larry Walker’s Hall of Fame election looking like a very close call | The Denver Post ($)

In Larry Walker’s final year on the ballot it seems like things will be very close. I don’t think we’ll know the final answer until January 21st when the votes are revealed by the Baseball Writers’ Association of American (BBWAA). Walker needs 75% of the vote to make the cut and currently multiple projections place him somewhere between 74% and 76%. Ryan Thibodaux, who runs the Baseball Hall of Fame Vote Tracker says that it will be a close one.

Last year, his vote total jumped from 20.5% to 54.6%. He needs another 20.4% increase this year to gain the necessary 75%. Currently, with 32% of the ballots known, Walker is sitting at 84.8%, but with such a huge number of ballots unknown, we can’t just assume he’ll make the cut. To feel comfortable, I would like to see Walker sitting around 86% on all of the known ballots before the final reveal from the BBWAA.

The big risk with David Dahl – and how the Rockies might hedge that bet | The Athletic ($)

David Dahl was garnering more attention after being named an All-Star in his third year. What changed that? Yet another David Dahl freak injury. Dahl has so much athleticism and talent and is one of the Rockies best hitters... when he’s healthy. If Dahl can remain healthy for the entire season, I think he could be a threat at the plate. He seems like perfect addition to Nolan Arenado, Trevor Story, Charlie Blackmon, and perhaps even Ryan McMahon.

What will David Dahl call his primary position? Will it be center field? Or left field? It seems like right now Ian Desmond will likely land in left with Dahl taking center field. The other possibilities for center field include Garrett Hampson and Sam Hilliard, both saw some playing time last season. But, I truly believe that if Dahl is healthy, his offense can win him a permanent spot in the outfield. Maybe some of the young guys will beat out Desmond for left. Well, one can only hope.

Would the dropoff be that bad between Nolan Arenado to Josh Donaldson? | Rox Pile

Yes, I know, more of the Nolan Arenado trade rumors. I want to roll my eyes too. If the Rockies trade Arenado, would Josh Donaldson be a good replacement in the hot corner? Donaldson is aging (34 versus Arenado’s 28) but would it be that far of a drop-off? If we signed Donaldson after a hypothetical trade of Nolan, could we save some money that could be used towards a Trevor Story extension? I’ll let you dig into the numbers comparing Arenado and Donaldson, but all I will say is that this is something that could work, even though I don’t want it to work. I want Nolan.