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Fan frustration grows as they send Monfort emails

Colorado Rockies news and links for Monday, November 16, 2020

Since there was no end of season press availability, fans have been left in the dark. Rockies fans want explanations, answers, some kind of communication from the front office.

This lack of dialogue has led reddit user legacy3233 to create a post on the Rockies subreddit (shoutout r/ColoradoRockies) titled “Make Your Voices Heard,” calling for fans to directly email the team’s majority owner and CEO Dick Monfort and demand change.

A couple of them received responses.

This one comes from Rockies fan Darielys M. See her reaction here.


Another fan also shared their reply.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen Monfort hop on his iPad to reply to emails from fans. He had to apologize for telling fans not to come to games if they don’t like their experience in 2014. We shall see if Monfort receives a lecture from Rockies PR after this incident.

It’s very rare that someone at Monfort’s level would answer fan emails since he has everything to lose by slipping up in a reply, but that goes to show just how old-fashioned he is. What else can be taken away from these emails?

Monfort still has full faith in Jeff Bridich

Following the club’s back-to-back playoff appearances in 2017 and 2018, the Rockies have since posted a combined record of 97-125. Monfort acknowledges the mistakes, but chooses to instead focus on all the positives that GM Jeff Bridich had done before. He repeatedly says he considers the Rockies as family, but at what point do you put your foot down when the kids are tearing up the house? Monfort’s apparently not there yet.

Monfort believes Nolan’s issue has never been Jeff Bridich

Despite a reported direct quote from Arenado that “Jeff is very disrespectful,” Monfort denies that Bridich has ever been the issue for Arenado. Obviously, we still don’t know much about the situation as owner, GM and third baseman have all remained quiet on the issue ever since spring training 2020 began. Monfort may be just saying this to defend Bridich or perhaps he’s hinting that maybe the issue has been with someone else. Could Nolan’s issue be directly with Monfort and his lack of spending after a rough 2019?

Overall Takeaways

The disappointment and frustration that has built up is not only at the performances, but more so at management. Therefore, the main target of many fans’ frustrations has been Bridich because of his unsuccessful free agent signings. The refusal to speak to the media after the 2020 season has only thrown more fuel on the fire that’s already been growing.

The emails are a sign of frustration and a symptom of the overall distrust felt by the fans. They feel unheard, ignored and unappreciated by the front office. The Rockies will need to mend the damaged relationship between the front office and the fans if they want to fill Coors Field whenever it safely reopens. We may have reached a boiling point.

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