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Top 10 Coors Field concession items

Buy me some peanuts and monster chicken nachos

Who doesn’t love a Top 10 list? Well, we do! So welcome to Top 10 Tuesday, where every week we will dive into a different Rockies-related topic. These lists will not be scientific. They are 100-percent opinion (a “Mountain Viewpoint” so to speak) and — more importantly — they are 100-percent debatable. We encourage the banter in the comments (keep it respectful), and feel free to offer up some future topic ideas!

★ ★ ★

Boy, have concession stands evolved. I’m old enough to remember Taco Bell being the “exciting” option at the old Mile High Stadium. Nowadays, you have an endless array of culinary choices at the ballpark. Carving stations? Rocky Mountain Oysters? Salads? Coors Field offers them all, and it’s time to break down the top concession items at our favorite ballpark.

No. 10: Famous Dave’s BBQ

I mostly tried to stay away from stuff you can get easily outside the park. But it never fails... every time I pass the Famous Dave’s stand on the concourse, a helping of ribs — with a side of Devil’s Spit sauce — calls out to me.

No. 9: Freshly squeezed lemonade

Nothing is more refreshing during a hot, August day game than a large, cold, freshly squeezed lemonade.

No. 8: Peanuts

This ballpark classic may seem boring, but a pile of empty peanut shells under my feet at the game usually prevents me from spending money on all these other items.

No. 7: Berrie Kabobs

Chocolate-covered strawberries? On a stick? Who can say no?

No. 6: Churros

I had never heard of churros before seeing them at Coors Field, so I will be forever thankful for the introduction.

No. 5: Soft pretzels

The key here is SOFT. Not those late-inning bricks that have been endlessly spinning since batting practice. But a fresh one is great — and don’t forget the salt and cheese dip.

No. 4: Coors Original Draught

Ahhh... A Banquet Beer at Coors Field. Why does it taste so much better at the ballpark?

No. 3: Monster Chicken Nachos

Loaded with cheese, chicken, jalapenos and more... this pile of nachos will fill you up (and make sure you don’t forget the choice up to 24 hours later!).

No. 2: Denver Cheese Steaks

I’ve never been to Philadelphia. But I love Philly cheese steaks, and darn it if the Denver Cheese Steak isn’t one of the best my untrained palate has ever tasted.

No. 1: Rockie Dogs

I’m not a huge fan of hot dogs. But there’s just something about a ballpark and a hot dog that just works. I can’t explain it, but the Rockie Dog (when prepared right) is a darn good one — and the face of Coors Field concessions. I prefer mine with onions and peppers and no sauerkraut... and a beer.

Honorable mention:

Ice cream in a helmet; bratwursts; popcorn

★ ★ ★

Okay, now I have to go find something to eat... What did I miss? Where did I get it wrong? Sound off in the comments!