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Which Rockies prospects are roster contenders?

Colorado Rockies news and links for Monday, February 3, 2020

Rockies prospect guide: Roster contenders and top pitchers, position players to watch heading into 2020 spring training | The Denver Post

Which prospects do you anticipate to make the roster come March? The Denver Post provided a guide to prospects we might see in the upcoming season. This guide does not include infielder Brendan Rodgers, infielder Josh Fuentes or outfielder Yonathan Daza. The top two names that are contending for a roster spot this year are outfielder Sam Hilliard and left-handed pitcher Ben Bowden.

Hilliard made his big league debut in 2019 after showing his worth and talent in Triple-A Albuquerque. During his time on the roster in September Hilliard hit .273 with seven home runs in 27 games. I personally expect to see Hilliard make the roster for the start of the season. I think he has the power and ability to make a splash like Trevor Story did in 2016.

Bowden posted a 1.05 ERA and was 20-for-20 in save opportunities in AA Hartford last year before he was promoted to Triple-A on June 20. He struggled in Albuquerque and had a lot of adjustments to make, but if he performs well in spring training he has the opportunity to make the big league roster. I hope that Bowden can improve enough to make the roster and help with all of the Rockies’ pitching woes.

If you want to be in the know about the Rockies top prospects (as decided by you) you can also check out the Purple Row Prospects (PuRPs) list.

Despite all of the new rules changes, baseball’s real issues will go unsolved | NBC Sports

Baseball will be upon us before we know it. In less than two weeks pitchers and catchers report to spring training. I’m sure many of you have heard of some of the rule changes. This upcoming season we’ll see the 3-batter minimum in addition the prior changes like the limiting of mound visits. Commissioner Rob Manfred’s job in to make the baseball more profitable, but are all the rules and changes hurting the game rather than helping?

I recommend checking out this article, it’s an interesting take on all of the changes in baseball and all the Manfred is trying to fix. Here’s a quote from the article the stuck with me.

The problems that Manfred claims to be solving aren’t really problems. They’re examples of his philosophy, and that philosophy itself might just be the real issue.

Dick Monfort remains positive about the 2020 Rockies | Purple Row

Is Monfort too optimistic for his own good or will we, as fans, be pleasantly surprised by the outcome this season?

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Charlie Blackmon was unable to attend Rockies Fest due to a prior commitment, but he was determined to still show up in Denver and be accessible to the fans. Charlie is a fan of the fans, and I love him for it. He showed up this weekend in Denver and took photos, signed autographs and met with fans. Oh, and apparently he showed up with and gave away some chicken biscuits. What a guy!