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MLB is stressing social distancing

Rockies news and links for Monday, March 16, 2020

MLB sends out memo to teams to stress social distancing | The Washington Post

Social distancing. How many times have you heard that phrase in the past week? MLB is asking that teams don’t do group workouts to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Currently there are facilities open to players on the 40-man roster, so ultimately it’s up to each team and individual player to determine how to proceed with their routines, as long as there aren’t group practices.

I’m sure Major League Baseball will be issuing stricter guidelines in the coming days (read: today.) Jeff Passan of ESPN reported that a minor league player for the New York Yankees had tested positive for the coronavirus, so I’m sure they’re going to continue to take a ton of precautions.

Are you practicing social distancing right now? In light of the encouragement of avoiding large groups and all of the event cancelations, Ken Burns has asked PBS to stream Baseball for free. If you are at home, wondering what to fill your time with, here is an option for you!

Kroenke Sports and Entertainment pledges to pay arena workers for next 30 days | The Denver Post ($)

Various team owners and players across the country are pledging to pay hourly workers during the suspension of professional sporting leagues and the cancelation of large group gatherings like concerts and festivals. Kroenke Sports and Entertainment, owners of the Colorado Avalanche and Denver Nuggets are now vowing to do the same. They have decided to continue paying their part-time and hourly workers through the next 30 days.

Arenas like the Pepsi Center, where the Nuggets and Avs play, are open year-round for games, concerts and other events. I applaud moves like this. I’m sure many of these hourly employees are going to be hurting during this sports drought, and any relief they are offered I’m sure will be gladly accepted.

This makes me wonder if we’re going to hear anything like this come from any of the teams in the league, or even the Rockies. Unlike the NHL and NBA, MLB teams weren’t mid-season leaving workers suddenly without a job. Baseball is unique in that not all teams have fields that operate year-round like the major multi-use arenas do. Sure, they offer tours and can host private events, but that isn’t quite on the same level as hosting NHL games or large concerts. Baseball also has the predicament of teams having secondary facilities in Arizona and Florida for spring training that also hire part-time workers. I’m unsure if we’ll see any moves like this for MLB, but I’m happy that these hourly employees for other sports are finding some relief.

★ ★ ★

I know, it’s hard right now. There are no sports. Many cities and states and imposing restrictions from closing ski resorts to recommendations of closing restaurants and bars. If you can remember anything during this time it’s these three things:

  1. Be kind.
  2. Be safe.
  3. Be smart.