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What is in store for the Rockies’ outfield?

Rockies news and links for Monday, March 2, 2020

Expect the Rockies’ outfield to remain somewhat fluid, with a platoon likely out in left | The Denver Post ($)

What will the Rockies outfield look like this season? David Dahl in center, Charlie Blackmon in right. Those are both expected, but left field will be a mix. Ian Desmond bats well against lefties, so he should see some playing time there. Raimel Tapia will likely end up sharing left with Desmond. If Sam Hilliard makes the roster, he could see some playing time there as well.

Dahl and Blackmon will inevitably need some days off, Garrett Hampson can give some relief for those two, but will likely be slotted more often in center field. We also have potential to see Yonathan Daza if anyone gets injured for any length of time. Please, Dahl, stay healthy!

Make sure you also check out the State of the Position for outfield today to learn about where the Rockies really stand with the outfield!

German Marquez, Wade Davis, and Scott Oberg shine in spring training debuts | RoxPile

Just like the title suggests, we saw great outings yesterday by Germán Márquez, Wade Davis and Scott Oberg. Yes, you read that right, that includes Davis. I was at the game and agree completely with this.

Germán Márquez looked great. He only allowed one hit and one walk in his three innings of work. It was great to see him back on the mound and looking solid. If you didn’t see it earlier, his wife and son were granted visas and were in attendance at the game. That’s great for him and his family!

Wade Davis pitched right after Márquez and retired all three batters he faced on just 14 pitches. He had a couple of really great pitches and overall looked more like the Davis we saw in 2018.

Scott Oberg also looked great. He had a scoreless frame throwing a total of 10 pitches and only gave up one hit in the process.

We also saw Jake McGee, Ryan Rolison, Tommy Doyle, and Antonio Santos. If you want to check out the full box score, you can see the full details of each of them pitched.

Rockies’ strong Latino contingent provides the team with culture, energy and plenty of talent | The Denver Post ($)

The Rockies have a lot of talented Latino players on the roster and in the farm system. They bring a lot of energy and can usually be found in the loudest corner of the clubhouse.

“We are usually louder and rowdier, no matter what the time,” reliever Carlos Estevez said with a laugh.

Even if they are from different regions or countries, they grown up with a different culture than many of their American teammates. That can cause a spark and a whole lot of fun energy to rub off on other players.

Vinny Castilla, the Rockies special assistant, who is a native of Mexico, has a role as cultural ambassador for the Latino players in the clubhouse and for those up and coming prospects.

“This is a big part of my job — talking to them, making sure they feel comfortable, addressing any questions or doubts they have,” Castilla said. “Baseball, language, culture, how to handle adversity in a tough league in a foreign country. It can be a lot for these very young players to handle by themselves.”

This is a great read and made me smile if you’re looking for a bright way to start your Monday.