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MLB has the chance to get creative for the 2020 season

Rockies news and links for Thursday, March 26, 2020

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How MLB can get creative, experiment and make the most of a delayed season | The Athletic ($)

If Joe Maddon says, “we have this opportunity to find out [whether or not we like changes to the game of baseball],” then sign me up. In my book, what that man says, goes.

Don’t subscribe to that notion? No problem. The Athletic breaks it down with the following ideas:

  • Opening Day All-Star Game: Ken Rosenthal suggests starting the season off with the bang of an All-Star Game. Celebrate the return of baseball by throwing the biggest stars on the field and just having fun! Everyone needs that.
  • Doubleheaders: Baseball fans want to see 162 games this year, but every day that goes by makes that less and less of a reality. Throwing doubleheaders on the schedule makes that possible with players already expressing interest. Rosenthal even proposes double-header games being seven innings instead of nine, like is done in the minor leagues.
  • Postseason Changes: This is an idea that was already being discussed before game cancellations so now seems like a great time to give it a try. Add more teams to the mix and make the entire postseason site neutral, says Rosenthal. This season is going to be different no matter what execs decide, so why not?

I’m all for trying out new things in baseball this year — worst case scenario, everyone hates it and we return to normal in 2021. This year isn’t normal, so let’s use that to baseball’s advantage and get quirky.

Coronavirus may have delayed the MLB season, but here’s 5 classic Rockies games you can watch for free | The Denver Post ($)

With no MLB games being played and many people facing more serious problems than baseball, finding any refuge from the news these days is welcome. One positive? The Rockies still haven’t lost a single ballgame in 2020, and the Denver Post has given you five classic Rockies games (wins) that will put the Rockies at 5-0 on the (imaginary) year.

The list actually comes from MLB’s five classic games to watch for each team, but we prefer to focus only on the Rockies.

Do I mind watching Ubaldo Jiménez’s no-hitter again? Absolutely not. What about Nolan’s walk-off homer to hit for the cycle from 2017? Heck I might even watch that one twice.

Former MLB Stars Who Pulled a Tom Brady and Finished Career with Different Team | Bleacher Report

During any regular week, Tom Brady leaving the Patriots would be internet breaking news in the sports world. In a universe where Coronavirus has led to the cancelling of all sporting events for the foreseeable future, the news of Tom Brady heading to Tampa Bay was even more magnified.

Bleacher Report took to the archives to find baseball greats who, like Tom Brady, spent the final years of their careers in jerseys they wouldn’t be remembered wearing.

Looking at this list felt all sorts of confusing. Jimmy Rollins in a...Chicago White Sox Jersey? No thank you.

Purple Row Rockies Madness: No. 3 Nolan Arenado vs. No. 6 Andrés Galarraga | Purple Row

Today would be the MLB’s Opening Day and to add salt to the wound, the Sweet Sixteen would have just been kicking off. Needless to say we’re feeling that void and I assume you are as well. Enter Purple Row with a “Rockies Madness” tournament that is now underway where we pin Rockies legends against one another.

Yesterday the franchise’s best third basemen, Nolan Arenado, squared off against an all-time favorite first basemen Andrés Galarraga. So far, Nolan is crushing it. Granted the data suggests this is to be expected, but let’s not forget the greatness that was Andrés Galarraga.

Keep an eye out for the rest of our tournament! I personally have a hunch Nolan might make it to the Final Four. Let’s find out!