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Determining a new normal for MLB

Colorado Rockies and MLB news and links for Sunday, March 29, 2020

What the MLB deal with players means for 2020 season and beyond | ESPN

On Friday afternoon Major League Baseball and the Players Association struck a deal over how they were going to handle all the sticky parts that come with a shortened season, from service time concerns to paying player salaries to how they will determine how and when to restart the season. Jeff Passan and Kiley McDaniel have all the necessary details in a very helpful question and answer format.

We’ll have time to digest all this in the coming days on the site and how it specifically affects the Rockies, but one thing worth highlighting here: this deal makes 2020 potentially even worse for the Dodgers. Not only are they getting less and less from Mookie Betts and David Price this year after shipping three top young players, they are also at risk of losing their first All-Star Game in 40 years.

How the Rockies could benefit from a changed postseason structure | Roxpile

Speaking of changes, in the event that we just end up with a shortened season, what does that do to the Rockies playoff chances? Noah Yingling has the details but the upshot is that playoff baseball gets far more likely the fewer the games the Rockies play. Sounds like a devil’s bargain to me.

Five ways MLB can squeeze extra regular season games into the schedule after coronavirus pandemic | CBS Sports

As more and more states resort to shelter-in-place orders, the prospects for restarting the season are becoming evermore complicated. So now is the time for creative thinking. Mike Axisa walks through some examples of the logic of some of the proposed solutions that have been tossed about, like more doubleheaders, fewer off days, extending the season passed October (though he doesn’t discuss Scott Boras’ proposal regarding World Series games around Christmas).

But, considering the recent agreement between MLB and MLBPA, it seems like warm weather, neutral site games are on the table. Without hard and fast scheduling restrictions, I say let’s get really creative! Why not turn the season into a huge round-robin tournament? Or bracketed tournament with every series as one matchup (and eliminated teams go into a losers bracket)?

What ideas might you have? Hit us with them (or the best ones you’ve seen elsewhere) in the comments.