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Rockies 5, Padres 4: Jairo Díaz and the Rockies split the series with the Padres

Jairo Díaz got his first big-league hit and the win as the Sim Rockies beat the Sim Padres in 15.

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The Sim Rockies’ offense managed to put together 14 hits in the final game of the series against the Sim Padres. Unfortunately, it took them 15 innings to do so. But fortunately they won the game. So it all worked out.

Tony One-Bags

The Rockies opened their scoring with a three-run sixth inning that saw Sim Ian Desmond come through with a bases-loaded RBI single. Sim Tony Wolters then added a two-RBI single to give the Rockies a 3-2 lead. It’s just like we all predicted: Tony Wolters and Ian Desmond are leading the Rockies’ offense to victory.

The save that was not

It looked like that 3-2 lead might actually hold up, but alas, Sim Wade Davis was a little too realistic. With two outs, he gave up a 374-foot home run to Sim Francisco Mejía to tie the game. But thanks to Sim Davis’s blown save, we all got an additional six free simulated innings!

Better call Dahl

In the top of the 15th, Sim Kirby Yates got two quick outs to begin his second inning of work, but then Sim Tony Wolters got a two-out rally started with another single, opening the door for Sim Jairo Díaz to record his first major league hit. Sim David Dahl’s first hit of the sim season, a double off the left field wall, sealed the deal for the Sim Rockies, scoring both Sim Wolters and a surprisingly fast Sim Díaz.

On the mound, Sim Díaz finished the game strong, allowing one run in his three innings of work to earn the win.

Game video

You can watch the entirety of this game on YouTube here.

If you’d like to run your own simulations, you can get your own copy of MLB The Show 20 right here.

Up Next

The Sim Rockies now head to Sim Los Angeles to take on the Sim Dodgers tomorrow night at 8:15pm MT. Sim Chi Chi González takes the ball for the Sim Rockies against Sim David Price, who will be making his Sim Dodgers debut. Join us on YouTube, and be sure to like and subscribe to be alerted to new games.

Your Feedback

To give you more time to watch the games sans spoilers, we will be posting each game’s recap the following day instead of immediately after the game. If you have any feedback or ideas for our simulated season, let us know! In this brave new world of simulated baseball, we’re all learning as we go. Thank you for your continued support!