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How creative will the 2020 MLB schedule be?

Rockies news and links for Monday, March 30, 2020

Rockies manager Bud Black reacts to coronavirus impacts on MLB | The San Diego-Union Tribune

“We have an opportunity in our sport to be as creative as possible this year and see how it plays out,” said Black, who enters his fourth season with the Rockies

And that’s exactly what 2020 will end up being — if and when it happens. How creative exactly? Will there be seven-inning doubleheaders? Or maybe roster expansion and more doubleheaders? Could we see the removal of interleague games from the schedule? In 1994 the strike cut the season down to 144 games. The pandemic could last much longer than the strike did, though.

If you could have your choice, how would you make the schedule work?

GM Trade History: Rockies’ Jeff Bridich | MLB Trade Rumors

Check out this column and see all of the trades that Jeff Bridich has made since becoming the General Manager with the Rockies. He made quite a few moves, but you can watch the list of transactions dwindle down the nothing in the 2019-2020 offseason. What letter grade would you give him? Keep in mind this is just trades and doesn’t include the free agent acquisitions.

Why the SimRockies are just what we need right now | Purple Row

We all miss baseball. We all miss sports. Generally, I think a lot of us miss normalcy. With the lack of these three things (and more,) why not join us for the Purple Row simulation games? Ben Kouchnerkavich is doing a great job with the play-by-play and it gives me baseball and enjoyment in a time where I would typically be counting down the days to the home opener and spending my evenings and weekends at Coors Field.

The next game is tonight at 8:15pm MT! You can also join in on the conversation with game threads and on Twitter.

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Let us remember when spring baseball was happening...