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Colorado Rockies simulation game No. 5 thread: Chi Chi González vs. David Price

Can the Rockies keep up the momentum going in the Sim City of Angels?

It took 15 innings, but the Sim Rockies walked away victorious over the Sim Padres to earn the series split. They travel up the I-5 to Los Angeles where they will play the Sim Dodgers for the first time in Sim 2020. Chi Chi González will make his Sim Rockies debut after starting 12 games for the Real Rockies in 2019. He had a 2-6 record in 63 innings and didn’t record his first win until September 11, 2019. Sim González will go up against Sim David Price, who was part of the blockbuster trade on February 10 that also sent Mookie Betts to the west coast. In 2019, Price posted a 7-5 record in 22 starts with a 4.28 ERA — his worst since his first full season in 2009. Can Sim David Price right the ship in LA? Maybe, but let’s hope it doesn’t start against the Sim Rockies!

Start Time: 8:15pm MT

TV: YouTube


Note: We will not be posting a recap immediately following tonight’s game. Instead it will be posted tomorrow two hours before first pitch, at which point we will take down this game thread. This will allow for fans to watch and enjoy tonight’s game with minimal spoilers. We will continue this process from today forward. If you have any feedback or ideas for our simulated season, let us know! In this brave new world of simulated baseball, we’re all learning as we go. Thank you for your continued support!