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Colorado Rockies simulation game no. 15 thread: Kyle Freeland vs. Zac Gallen

Start time, lineups, and discussion for game 15 of our 2020 season simulation

The simRockies have a quick turnaround today after last night’s 14-inning extravaganza. They look to split the series with their mortal enemies, the Arizona simDiamondbacks, before heading back to California for their 27th series of the year (roughly) against the simPadres.

Today marks simKyle Freeland’s first outing since he took a comebacker off the face in his first start of the season. Luckily, simulated bones heal much faster than real bones, so after a brief stint on the injured list, simFreeland is back and ready to pick up where he left off (1 hit in 3 innings). Will simFreeland resemble the 2018 realFreeland we all know and love, or will he look more like the 2019 realFreeland who made us all feel sad and confused? And will simNolan Arenado continue his 11-game hit streak? Tune in today to find out!

Note: Due to an unanticipated technical issue (we believe some sim squirrels chewed through some of our sim cables), today’s broadcast will be audio only.

Start Time: 2:10pm MT

TV: YouTube