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How to fill your stay-at-home days with the Rockies!

Rockies news and links for Monday, April 13, 2020

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If you’re not an essential worker, staying home can be hard. If you’re anything like me, you are looking for your baseball fix. I personally wish I could be at Coors Field eating some nachos, enjoying real baseball. I’m sure there are others things you miss too, but I wanted to give you a list of a few things to help with the loss of baseball. This isn’t your normal Rockpile, but these aren’t normal times.

Option #1: Join us for the #PurpleRowSim

If you haven’t joined us for the Purple Row simulation games, you are missing out. Ben Kouchnerkavich is doing an excellent job with the play-by-play. These games are very much like real Rockies games. Sometimes there are extra inning wins, other times heartbreaking losses. We are planning on broadcasting games until real baseball starts. Today is an off-day for the SimRockies, but you can join us tomorrow as they take on the SimPadres to close out their road trip.

Option #2: Read a book

If you’re an avid reader, like me, grabbing a good book can fill some downtime and bring joy. If you want to grab a couple books about baseball, here are a few to check out. Now, these aren’t all Rockies specific, but there are a few. Renee Dechert reviewed a couple of these on the list, so I’ve linked those directly to the review.

Swing Kings: The Inside Story of Baseball’s Home Run Revolution by Jared Diamond

The Blake Street Bombers by Manny Randhawa

If These Walls Could Talk: Colorado Rockies: Stories from the Colorado Rockies Dugout, Locker Room, and Press Box by Drew Goodman and Benjamin Hochman

Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game by Michael Lewis

I included Moneyball because it’s a personal favorite book. Do you have any baseball books (fiction or non-fiction) you’ve read that you would recommend?

Option #3: Watch a movie

Okay, this one isn’t Rockies specific, forgive me. There are plenty of amazing baseball movies out there. Pick one, make some popcorn and sit back and enjoy. Some of my personal favorites:

The Sandlot
Field of Dreams
Rookie of the Year
Moneyball (but I enjoyed the book, more.)

Do you have a favorite baseball movie? I have so many more I enjoyed, but these are my top 4.

Option #4: #RockiesTwitterRewind

Our friend Ted (@TheGhostofMarv on Twitter) is hosting the #RockiesTwitterRewind a couple times each week. You can catch old Rockies games and get nostalgic on Twitter and join in on the conversation. For instance, last night we all re-watched the game from July 4, 2008. It was quite the game and it’s a blast to watch some of the amazing highlights from the past.

★ ★ ★

How are you spending your time without the Rockies? Sound off below!