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We missed #Retire33 weekend, let’s still honor Larry Walker

Colorado Rockies news and links for Monday, April, 20, 2020

What we missed: Rockies were slated to retire Larry Walker’s No. 33 jersey on Sunday | 9News

Yesterday Larry Walker’s number was set to be retired, and he was to be honored at Coors Field. Walker is the only Rockie to win the NL MVP (1997) and he is the first Rockie to be enshrined in Cooperstown. The Hall of Fame Induction Weekend is still scheduled in July in Cooperstown, but the Rockies will have to reschedule his honorary weekend in Colorado.

Yesterday, during the #PurpleRowSim we honored Larry, and the Rockies took to Twitter to make today as special as it could be, despite the circumstances. We asked three questions during the simulation game, and I want to ask you those three questions too. Let me know your answers in the comment below.

What is your favorite Larry Walker moment?

What is your favorite Larry Walker memory? (Try to make it personal!)

Were you planning on being at Coors Field yesterday or are you planning on being in Cooperstown in July?

I’ll answer these questions, too.

My favorite Larry Walker moment was hands down watching him turn his batting helmet backwards and changing sides of the plate during the 1997 All-Star Game. I think it showed his personality and that you can have fun while playing the game you love.

I don’t really have a personal memory of Walker, I was young when he played for the Rockies and didn’t grow up in Denver and was unable to attend many games until I was a little bit older. I just remember watching him on TV and playing him on my Nintendo 64 in the Ken Griffey Jr. presents Major League Baseball game. So, I’m going to say watching the video of him getting the call from the Hall. I was glued to my TV waiting for the announcement and watching him, in his Spongebob NASCAR shirt, answer the phone is a moment I won’t soon forget.

As for this weekend and the Induction Weekend — yes, I was planning on being at Coors Field yesterday. No, I was not going to be able to make it to Cooperstown in July. I was however, hoping to make a trip out east this fall so I could see Larry’s plaque in person.

Even with season in limbo, Nolan Arenado remains Colorado Rockies cornerstone | Roxpile

Nolan Arenado is an amazing baseball player. I miss watching him play. This offseason was rough with all of the trade rumors, but for right now Nolan is still in purple. Like the article says, Nolan is the Rockies cornerstone. Will we get to see him play this year? Man, I sure hope so.

★ ★ ★

Here is a snippet of how the Rockies honored Larry Walker yesterday. They did more than this, but this video gave me chills and it was the big reveal of the #WalkerHOF logo.